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Welshcakes can be traced back in time to one of the earliest forms of baking, where a flatstone, or bakestone, would be placed onto an open fire. This stone was then used as the cooking surface for the Welshcakes, the equivalent to today's hotplate. The Welshcake mixture would be placed onto the stone and cooked first on one side and then turned to complete the cooking.

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Tan Y Castell (Foods) Limited is based in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We have been established for 15 years and until recently, baked only Tan Y Castell Welshcakes to an original Pembrokeshire farmhouse recipe using the finest natural ingredients. We now produce Tan Y Castell Welshcakes & Bara Brith.

We are a small family run business situated in Narberth in a vale at the foot of the Preseli Hills. Paul started by baking in his farmhouse kitchen where he would bake small batches to an original farmhouse recipe on a small Aga, once baked he would then take them to the local farm shops for people to try. The cakes were liked by all and through word of mouth, the demand for Tan Y Castell Welshcakes grew from baking in a small farmhouse kitchen to a purpose built factory today.

We continue to supply to local farm shops but also supply to Harrod’s, Fortnum & Mason, Fenwicks and all major supermarkets.

Having established the Welshcake side of the business we can now bake 'Tan Y Castell Bara Brith' once again. We re-launched the Bara Brith on St. David's Day in 2010.

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